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Daniel Quigley Venetian Plaster Artist
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Q's New Art Project
Q's New Art Project by Daniel Quigley
Step 1. I build a shape into a wall.

Step 2. I do the drywall and finish it with a background theme painting. In this case it was a sea background.

Step 3. I photograph the subject material. This is a stupid boat I built....took me like 3 long years to build this stupid thing.

Step 4. I created a negative of the image in Paint shop pro......I"ll do better as I work on it more.

Step 5. I found this new type of projector that I can load the negative image into and shoot it onto the wall up to 72" cost about $550. Uses a LED for the light source and is supposed to last 40,000 hours. Does video also...

Step 6. I take the negative image and shoot it onto my theme background and what you see is the shadow of your subject material.

Sooooo what do you think???

Dont try and be nice I am trying to prefect this and I need comments that help, not praise.


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