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Daniel Quigley Venetian Plaster Artist
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My education is in engineering, and I also minored in drafting and design. I own a home theater company that allows me to build very cool and very expensive, theme rooms in peoples homes. I guess that is where I get the ability to build the works of art I do....Anyways...About a year ago I bought a house across the street from me and I turned it into an art studio/wood shop......Now I can come home from work and  work on my venetian plaster paintings until 3:00 in the morning.......Not the smartest thing I have ever done, but I have fun.

I have traveled all over the USA doing my home theater gig working in the very elite homes and with very accomplished designer’s, architect’s,and craftsmen. This has exposed me to many different styles, themes and,designs that most people would never get a chance too see. I take from my travels those ideas I get to see and incorporate them into my venetian plaster art works.I have seen many finishes done with Venetian Plaster and I always thought it would be the coolest fine art medium.I started working with venetian plaster and found the reaction to be so......"Stop people in their tracks and ask what the hell is this".... that I was inspired enough to keep working with venetian plaster and have slowly gotten this concept off the ground and lately, I have had good success selling my work in many of the homes we find ourselves working in and at various art show I enter.

I thought I had stumbled into something new, but after further research I found it is actually a very ancient fine art medium.If you go back thousands of years you will find that some of the oldest art works still in existence were done with some form of plaster.I have searched for over a year now looking for other artisans that use it as a fine art medium and have come up with a big fat zero. Although there are many artisans that use it for a wall finish I find none of them that are trying to paint with it and, this is how I got started using it as a fine art medium.

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