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This is an area of study I tackled a few years ago while working for a client on his home theater. He was building this huge observatory on the 4th floor of his 10,000 sq ft home, and he wanted us to automate it for him.

Motorized dome on top of house
   This is where I go when I want to try and see the face of God

Inside of dome with 16" Meade telescope
I have worked here until the wee hours of the morning many times

In order to operate the telescope and take a simple picture of another galaxy one million light years away, it would take more than a dozen complex steps “ not to mention a computer degree, a career in photography, a case of Tums and a prayer just to make this thing go,

  “We took a very unique approach to integrating theobservatory controls, using some techniques that wouldn’t have been possible without Crestron.” 
About Audio used 300 pictures of the most common galaxies and stars and turned them into buttons on a Crestron TPMC-8X touchpanel.  The homeowner simply selects the object he wants to view and the programming automatically checks to see if the object is viewable.  If it is, the touchpanel does a page flip to a description of the star/constellation/galaxy with an information sheet. With the ease of use provided by the TPMC-8X touchpanel, About Audio also created a button on the information page that reads “Make Telescope Go to This Object”. In all, what would normally be a 30-step procedure was reduced to two button presses on the touchpanel.

Touching the button Jupiter would do a page flip to the Jupiter page

From this page you could view all the relevant information about Jupiter

I have to admit that this was one of the most challanging projects we have ever tackled. When we started we knew nothing about astronomy and we spent almost 400 labor hours just doing research, and educating ourselves about this subject.After typing over 200 pages of information about each object, we have become quite the local experts concerning this sbbject.
I still work for this client and whenever they are entertaining guest,they have us run the telescope for them. I have seen people shed tears after looking through this thing, because all their lives, they never understood what was really out there looking back at them. I am always surprised with the conversations that go on in this room concerning science, religion, philosophy, art, Greek and Roman mythology.
I would highly reccomend one of these toy’s if you have the resources and location to pull it off.
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